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Now just sit tight and wait for all cards with cleavage, thighs or bears to be changed into something more appropriate.

Blitzchung is an Asian streamer who decided to, upon winning the Hearthstone GM, take it upon himself to preach about Hong Kong and the absolute shitshow that is Chinese "democracy". Chances were nobody would care if they had just let him have his little moment, because people are selfish assholes, who only care about someting if it affects them. Blizzard, however, upon noticing this, decided to be China's bitch and not only ban Blitzchung, but also strip him of his winnings and fire two casters for witnessing freedom of speech, I guess?

The Aftermath Edit

Soon after Blizzard decided to bring 1984 to life, some college fuckboys decided to rebel and bring pro-HK merch to another championship. Once more, Blizzard brought forth the power of cancer to silence them, this time by replacing their webcam footage with pictures of WoW heroes. Shortly afterwards, Kibler decided to quit from his position as caster for the upcoming Hearthstone... whatever it was.

The Rebellion Edit

Unfortunately for the Hearthstone Renaissance, this little PR nightmare is now a spanner in the works for Blizzard and Hearthstone itself. Saltlords and (most) fanboys alike are teaming up by going Free2Play or outright uninstalling everything Blizzard did, as well as demanding refunds or spamming shitty requests for information to cause them unnecessary expenses. Will this do anything?

As players quit and emails are spammed, the rope around Blizzard's neck tightens as their PRs probably jump off some buildings. However, not all hope is lost for our lovable giant corporation! Some fanboys, through the sheer power of blind loyalty, are still fiercely standing by this company that would sell them to a life of slavery in Somalia if it netted them two bucks or more. Don't believe it? Feel free to go to Hearthpwn and watch so much corporate and authoritarian cocksucking you will wonder if you are not actually in a forum for fascists and tankies.

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